Why the Monster I-Sport Freedom Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones work for fitness.


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Are you Physically, Mentally and Spiritually FIT for greatness? If the answer is Yes, then great, you are on the right track. If the answer is no or maybe, then I’m here to help you change that and become the greatest version of yourself. Fit2BeGreat is something more than just those words to me, it’s my lifestyle. I practice what I preach and now I want to share the wisdom with you! Fit2BeGreat’s mission is to help YOU evolve both physically and mentally and achieve the best version of yourself.

I’m Marcos Rodriguez, a Cuban-American, Miami born certified personal trainer and physical therapist in training on a mission to spread the Fit2BeGreat message with the world.

After training clients for many years, I realized that getting them to look their best was only half of the battle. Spending so much time with clients, you often get to hear their goals and their yearning for inner growth as well. So that’s why I started this movement called Fit2BeGreat. It’s much more than a physical journey, it’s about spiritual connection and mental growth as well. Why not work on being your best self from all angles?


When I was young, I aspired to be an Olympic athlete, NFL All-Star player and wrestler. I always had it in mind that I wanted to be great; someone who made a positive impact in this world. After facing many hurdles and setbacks, I decided to take a different approach in my life. I realized early on that when life throws you punches, you stand up and fight. And so I did! I figured out a way to be a blessing to others by shaping their bodies and their minds through fitness. Something beautiful happened along the journey; I discovered that my gift was much greater than an athletic one.

My passion for fitness and spirituality can be a gift to others and now we have this platform to share and grow together!

Remember: Your life, Your Goals, Your Dreams, Your Best Body and Your Best Self are worth fighting for!

Fit2BeGreat is a movement. Join the #F2BG family today, follow us on social media and let’s become great together!

Instagram: @MrFit2BeGreat

Twitter: @Fit2BeGreat 

To connect with Marcos on product reviews, brand synergy or more, email: Fit2BeGreat@gmail.com.

For press features or media related inquires, please contact Vanessa James at vanessajamesmedia@gmail.com. 

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