The dell venue 8-tablet is a phenomenal tool if you’re looking for ways to integrate tech into your fitness routine. Many people complain about how they don’t know what to do to get fit or lose weight. This tablet can definitely be of assistance to anyone who has those goals in mind. It’s a beautiful device that has multiple purposes and features for anyone to enjoy. Here are a few features that really makes this tablet exceptional for those that are active and physically fit like me:

1: The Size: The Venue 8 is light and durable. At just 8.4 inches tall with a clean dark charcoal color, its slimmer  and more elegant that most tablets, yet it’s functionality is ranked higher than most.

2. The Camera: With three cameras you are able to capture wider images for photos and video. With 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage memory and the ability to add up to 512GB microSD card of memory, you can store a lot of photos. I use this for clients that I train often. It’s great to show them before and after pictures of themselves and videos as well. The screen is also a great feature as well. With a 2,560 x 1,600 pixel resolution the colors and images come to life, which is always a good thing.

3. The Sound: With the actual speaker being front bottom of the tablet, the sound is much louder and clearer. It has a feature called MAXX Audio an extra boost. When I am training my clients, I like to show off  the volume and play my music workout app. like Spotify and BeatsMusic. I create playlists that last the duration of the workout and we rock out while we work out!

4. Bluetooth 4.0 Integration is built in which is a great feature so you are able to stream music, videos, and more. It’s a great tool for workouts on the beach or at a CrossFit class or the gym because you are able to utilize the Bluetooth option and avoid eating up your own data.

5. The APPS: Probably one of the coolest features integrated into the Venue 8 are the APPS. I enjoy the amount of apps that I can download into this device. The apps make it hard for me to put it down, good thing that I have about 10 hours of battery at mid illumination before it powers down. Overall, this tablet is great for people on the go that are very active just like me. As a personal trainer, I use it as a tool to improve my knowledge in training others. It also serves as an assistant coach when I am training my clients. I like to incorporate boxing in my training, so I use a boxing timer app that counts the minutes and rounds during training session. The clients love it because I can be more hands-on with them and not focusing on the clock and rounds. There are also a lot of diet and nutrition apps and features, so it really keeps me learning and focused to be a better trainer and student of tech.

Here are a few additional features that really caught my eye from a fitness perspective:

  • It measures and calculates body fat percentage with the fitness App.
  • It’s a great tool to find new workouts and different styles of training to try out.
  • Much like a FitBit or wearable tech watch, you can track and calculate the amount of calories burned during and post workouts.

The Venue 8 from DELL overall is a great lifestyle tablet. If you’re beginning or more advanced in your fitness goals, implement this new tool into your regiment to help optimize your results.

Written by: Marcos Rodriguez

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