The Buick Encore- great for a fit lifestyle. 

I just got my hands on the new 2016 Buick Encore. I know what people are going to say; how can a 6ft, 3in 230 pounds man fit in that little thing? At first I thought the same thing, how do I wedge myself in to that crossover? The saying is true, don’t judge a vehicle by its size (I just made that up by the way lol) because looks can be deceiving. Fact is, the Encore packs a mighty punch in its interior space and has a substantial amount of features that work great for a fit lifestyle and for people on the go. Below is a breakdown of the highlights that I enjoyed from bumper to bumper.

Birdeye Buick

Let’s start with the interior. From the moment you open the door you are greeted by a beautiful combination of wood and leather appointed seats, stylish interior and earth tones. After sitting inside, I could not believe the amount of leg room that I had to play with. The vehicle inside has lots of cool features that will convert any ordinary daily ride into a more comfortable and safe commute. Being that it’s a crossover SUV you can expect it to have ample space and it also fits up to five people without any discomfort. Buick did a great job implementing the Bose audio system along with the noise cancelling system, both perfect for that Miami traffic.

Marcos Buick Interior

My daily life involves a lot of physical activity and training both for my clients and myself. This car fits perfectly into my regimen. In order for me to be a personal trainer with mobile accessibility, I have to utilize a vehicle with suitable capacity so that I can carry all of my equipment. Believe it or not, I was able to fit a full adult bike, 100 pounds weight set, my Monster Blaster boom box, a cooler, yoga mat, and still have space for more. The dual folding back seats expands the trunk making it roomy and functional.

Now lets talk safety! When it comes to safety, the Encore spared no details. This crossover comes with forward collision alert, lane departure warning, Rear vision cameras, side blind zone alert, anti-lock brakes system and other safety features. Also, the Encore has a very helpful navigation system, ONSTAR and SOS feature to assist you with your Along with these features its also equipped with a 4G LTE WIiF hotspot to keep you and others in the vehicle connected.

Buick Levitate

My favorite thing about this vehicle is how comfortable I feel when I am driving it. Because you as the driver sits high up, you don’t miss a thing on the round and can really command the road while driving. Night transition was also a cool addition in which the inside of the car is illuminated by the dashboard when the sun sets.

THE VERDICT: Overall, the Buick Encore is compact charmer. What it lacks in overall size, it makes up for in features and upgrades. The Encore is the smallest vehicle that the Buick brands offers. It’s an affordable vehicle starting off at $24,000 with lots of luxury, cool features and great style.

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Written by Marcos Rodriguez. All opinions are my own.

Written by: Marcos Rodriguez

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