Goal=Massive Legs          Body Parts= Quads/hamstring         Duration= 45-60min           Difficulty=Advance

1)Leg Extensions 6 15,12,10,8,12,15 45-60 seconds
2)Leg Press 5 12,12,10,10,8 45-60 sec
3) Smith-Machine-Squats 4 10,10,8,6 45-60 sec
4)Hack Squats 4 15,15,12,10 45-60 sec
5)Leg Curls 4 15,15,12,10 45-60 sec
6)Calf Raise      4  Till Failure    30 sec
Total 23 Sets 262 Reps 15-20 Minutes

Legs like The Pros: An intensive lower body workout, targeting your hamstrings/quads/calf. Design to build strong, solid, Athletic muscular legs.

GREAT FOR: Those who want to improve leg physique and Athletes who want to maintain great legs.

Written by: Marcos Rodriguez

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