Pineapple chow is a tasty appetizer or teaser dish from the island of Trinidad & Tobago. It’s sweet, salty, spicy and gooood. Whenever I go to the island, I always go the St. James and buy it from this old man who sells it on a corner street. This dish is extremely easy to make and packs a punch of flavor in every bite. Trini’s also use Mango, Cucumber, and even native apples depending on the season to make their famous “chow”. Try it for yourself if you’re looking to elevate your appetizer game. Below are the ingredients and recipe for you to try at home. 
1 Ripe pineapple
2 cloves of garlic
Half cup of cilantro
2 limes
1tsp hot peppers or fresh pepper sauce. (This is not hot sauce but actual scotch bonnet peppers cut fresh and added into a limey sauce to make the perfect pepper blend).
Salt and pepper as desired.

Pineapple Chow Steps: 
1. Peel the pineapple and cut out the eyes
2. Cut out the center stem
3. In a bowl, combine the pineapple chunks with the garlic, cilantro, the lime juice, the chopped hot pepper, salt and black pepper.
4. Taste and add more lime juice, hot pepper and/or salt to suit your taste.
5. Serve and enjoy with a side of Soca music for the perfect “lime” or hangout.

Written by: Marcos Rodriguez

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